Because Earth Is Not Disposable  

There's no planet just like this planet anywhere

near this planet so this must be the planet!

If we misuse it,

we lose it.

When certain cities, states, and counties began to ban or reduce the use of plastic straws, in inspired us to create this site. We're happy to do our part to preserve and protect our beautiful home in the universe, with its unique flora and fauna. It's up to us to keep it flourishing so it doesn't fade to black.  There are alternatives to filling our land and oceans with plastic. Think it doesn't matter? Explain that to a sea turtle entangled in what must seem to him like a strange weapon from another world. That's exactly what it is.  We'll share what we learn about furthering the cause, and we want to hear your thoughts and experiences as they pertain to preserving the environment. Together, we DO make a difference.


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We would love to hear your good stories, observations, and experiences as they relate to the environment. Oh, and please tell us about green products you've discovered and think we should know about. Thanks! 

Green Is our Favorite Color

The folks behind theUNstraw have supported the ecology movement since the 1970's. We're excited that with the advent of the web, it's easier than ever to make our case, and more exciting now that millions of like-minded environmentalists can easily support each other in the pursuit of our common goal.

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